Giving the Best in World Class Service

and Achieving 卓越 Each Passing Day.


Centrally located in East Liberty, Ohio, uedbet地区快递公司. (MEI)® has a strong global presence with over 30 years of consolidation center experience. This includes consolidation/deconsolidation, 仓库, automated returnable container handling, 装备, 出口包装, parts sequencing for line side delivery and Vendor Managed Inventory services. 另外, MEI performs sub-assembly and final assembly functions for a number of automotive suppliers.


We, as a Company, must set the customer’s needs as our highest priority. This being the case, all elements of our operations, including:

  • 安全
  • 质量
  • 成本
  • 交付
  • 士气
  • 环境

will be constantly and consistently at their optimal levels.  This shall not be compromised.


Proactively understand the logistics environmental changes and strengthen MEI for the next generation.  Aim for a global logistics business coverage.




At MEI, we only hire the best. All Associates are held to our high standards and must exhibit the values listed below.


Promotes harmony and consensus;  co-operates and works with others in the pursuit of team goals and maintains high ethical standards both personally and professionally.


沟通清楚, 分享计划和想法, demonstrates an interest in others’ opinions; forges links with other departments.

Challenging Spirit and Innovation

Comes up with new and imaginative ideas; identifies fresh approaches; originates activity and conveys confidence and credibility.

Timely, Informed Decision Making

Makes timely decisions and commits to definite courses of action; seizes opportunities and acts upon them; makes rational, realistic and sound decisions based on available facts and alternatives.




Our goal is to exceed our Customer’s expectations by delivering only the highest quality services.


We are dedicated to providing a healthy and safe work environment. MEI strives to maintain compliance with safety improvements and continuous associate training.


uedbet地区快递公司. is dedicated to the promotion of positive environmental activities. This policy is a statement of our organization’s commitment to minimize significant, adverse environmental impacts and enhance environmental performance through the use of environmental controls, continuous improvement and integrated environmental management procedures and planning with the following philosophy:

Maintain MEI’s commitment to comply with applicable environmental regulations required by local, 州和联邦机构, and other compliance obligations based on the needs and expectations of interested parties.

Emphasize MEI’s commitment to protect the environment by continuously striving for pollution prevention, waste reduction and resource conservation.

Identify and review MEI’s processes in a proactive manner for significant environmental aspects including risks and opportunities, and a life cycle perspective by setting and reviewing our environmental objectives and targets. 美发展, implements and trains operational controls for processes that have the potential to cause significant environmental impacts.


Giving the best in world class service and achieving excellence each passing day.


Putting the heart and mind in the work to get the best.


To act with honesty and integrity without compromising the truth.


Taking ownership of the company and customer success.

环境卫生 & 安全

  • ISO 14001 - 2015认证
  • 洛根县安全委员会
  • Big Darby Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program
  • Ohio EPA 2019 环境 卓越 Achievement Award Winner
  • 零容忍的药物 & 酒精政策



We are more than just a company; we are a family of Associates that contribute to the success of the organization. 我们现在正在招人! View our job postings for more information about career opportunities.


The growth we’ve enjoyed is only eclipsed by our well-deserved, time-tested reputation of prioritizing the customer’s needs as above all else. uedbet是从事人道主义工作的社会救助团体,以发扬“人道、博爱、奉献”精神,保护人的生命和健康,uedbet苹果客户端下载促进人类和平进步事业为宗旨。

We have a promote-from-within environment with great pay and great benefits. Many of our Associates have risen through the ranks to realize a successful, long-lasting career in management. 我们一直在招聘! See our job postings for more information about the open positions here in East Liberty, Ohio.


Employees are employed at uedbet Express


Days MEI has been in operation


MEI supports the assembly of 13 Honda vehicles


Square feet of 仓库 facilities